The Governor

ANTOINE VESTIER (1740-1824) Eugene Joseph Stanislas Foullon d'Ecotier (1785) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Oil on canvas (80 x 64 cm)   Antoine Vestier was born in Avallon, Burgundy. Very little is known about his early years. By 1760 he had moved to Paris where he became a pupil of the miniaturist Antoine Reverand. …

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The Aristocratic Musician

JEAN-MARC NATTIER (1685-1766) Francis Greville, 8th Baron Brooke, later 1st Earl of Warwick (1741) Oil on canvas (137 x 107 cm) Private collection   Jean-Marc Nattier is almost unknown to the majority of the English-speaking art lovers, This is a consequence of the narrow-minded attitude towards 18th-century French painting professed by most Anglo-American art historians …

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Nicolas de Largilliere

NICOLAS DE LARGILLIERE (1656-1746) Self-portrait (1711) Oil on canvas (80 x 65 cm) Chateau de Versailles Largilliere painted several portraits of himself: in 1699 (Tours, Musee des Beaux-Arts), 1711 (Versailles, Chateau), 1724 (Montpellier, Musee Fabre) and 1729 (Florence, Uffizi). These works expressed both, the mature and ageing man's questioning of his destiny and the famous …

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